Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions typically tend to take place on a convenient location on grass or I do have access to many 4g artificial pitches throughout Herts and London.

How long do sessions last for?

Sessions last for one hour usually. However if you wanted a combination of fitness and skill training I would recommend an hour and a half.

Are you a scout, do you have any affiliations with a club?

No, I'm a personal coach that will deliver results in your game. However If you show enough potential I do have contacts to refer you to a higher level of Football.

Do you have your DBS?

Yes, I have my DBS to the enhanced level. I have the original onmy person at each session for your perusal.

Do you recommend gym work along with ball work?

Absolutely, the game has evolved and you do need to be strong across the board. My personal trainer Will is a great person to talk to about building muscle and getting stronger. He can be found at http://absolutionspt.com